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customize your hyundai at Glendora in southern California

You need a car that can do it all in SoCal. Especially while making you look amazing in the process. Life in California is forever attached to beautiful custom vehicles, and now it’s your turn to be part of the story. You know all the reasons why. If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes in traffic on the 10, then you know people are always looking to see who’s who and what they’re driving. When was the last time you tossed your keys to the valet and felt great about it? What about pulling onto the studio lot? What about showing up to an important meeting? Your car is a symbol of your success, so why leave it to the imagination of others? Your custom Hyundai will help turn heads. Glendora Hyundai is here to help make that happen.

You Can Build Your Own Hyundai. Let’s Get Obsessed

You want power? You got it. What about a specialized interior that will be your home away from home while you spend 57 million hours in traffic? Easy. Your custom Hyundai is about to open all the doors that are waiting for you in Los Angeles. Here’s how it works:

  • Select Your Model: We’ve got three dynamic Hyundai models ready to become your masterpiece.
  • Select Your Trim: This step allows you to drill down the platform right where you want it to be.
  • Select Your Color: Depending on your chosen model and trim; we’ll show you what custom colors are reserved especially for your build.
  • Select Your Options: You know what you want. You know what you don’t. Tell us. We make it happen.
  • Summary & Pricing: In this step, we’ll review everything before getting to work on your custom Hyundai, so you know exactly what to expect and when to expect it.
  • Show Off: This is the unofficial last step. After we toss you the keys, that place you’ve been thinking about going to for the last few weeks? Yeah. That’s stop number #1.

When you work with our custom Hyundai vehicle specialists to build your own Hyundai, you’ll drive off knowing that what you have is exclusive to you. Success is a choice. And so is embracing it. Sit down with us. Let’s build it. You’ve earned it. Can’t wait? Ask us. We’ll see what’s out there and get it for you.

Build Spotlight: Your Custom Hyundai PALISADE

As we said, you can build your own custom Hyundai from three specially chosen Hyundai vehicles. No spoiler alerts here. The other two Hyundai vehicles are a closely guarded secret so let’s focus on the first. From Pasadena to the Pacific Palisades, your custom Hyundai Palisade is right at home. Take in all the scenic vistas from the Colorado Street Bridge, and then make your way across LA to the sweeping coastal views from Huntington Park. Your custom Hyundai Palisade fits right in with dynamic modern styling and bespoke craftsmanship, including quilted Nappa leather seating for seven. You’re ready to own it all from date night to family night, or a night all to yourself (if there even is such a thing). Contact one of our custom Hyundai Palisade specialists to learn even more about the surprises waiting for you inside.

With 5.5 Million Cars in LA, Glendora Hyundai Helps You Stand Out

No surprise there. Life in the Los Angeles area is about fun in the sun, and our vehicles are how we get to enjoy just about all of it. Travel can be grueling, but we’ve got you covered. America’s best warranty* is on your side, and we double-down on that giving you a three day, worry-free test drive. Want something else after you take it home? No worries. Bring it back. Get the one you want. Of course, we don’t see that happening since you’ve gone the distance to hand craft your custom Hyundai. You might be wondering if all this personality makes yours a limited edition Hyundai. Almost. With all that personalization, we think you might want to call it the (Insert Your Name Here) Edition Hyundai. Now, don’t you deserve to have it?

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