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A Road Trip in Your Hyundai Santa Fe

September 25th, 2018|

So, you've just bought a Hyundai Santa Fe. This SUV was built for road trips--both long and short. However, just because you have the right equipment doesn't mean you're prepared to hit the road. This is especially true for those who've never gone on a proper road trip before. To make the most of your road trip, be sure to follow some of these tips, so you can make your adventure worth re-telling. 1. Schedule It A road trip should never be taken on a whim. This is especially true if the road trip is going to be out of state. First, you need to take into consideration the date. Is it close to a holiday? Is it a holiday? If so, then you can expect a decent amount of traffic on the road. Unless you want most of your road trip to be sent sitting in traffic, then you should wait for a time to take it when there are fewer people on the road. These are periods that fall between holidays. You'll also want to be sure that if you have a [...]

The Best Apps to Maintain Your Hyundai

September 24th, 2018|

These days there are apps available for just about every purpose imaginable. There are even apps that will help you maintain your Hyundai. Best of all, most of these apps are completely free. Here are some of the best for keeping your Hyundai vehicle in the best possible working order: 1. DIY Car Maintenance Simplicity is the key feature of this app, which will show you how to perform basic car maintenance for your Hyundai, such as changing oil, checking fluids and replacing flat tires. The app makes this really easy by providing you step-by-step instructions accompanied by pictures. 2. Drivvo - Car Management This app helps you keep track of gas consumption for your Hyundai vehicle as well as other regular automotive expenses. It also lets you keep records of all maintenance performed on the car. 3. Just Drive - Car Management Those looking for a complete car management solution should give this app a try. Among its many features are the following: An interactive map detailing automobile services in your vicinity A service history database Reminders of all important vehicle-related [...]

What Makes the Hyundai Elantra the Best Selling Hyundai Car for 2018

September 20th, 2018|

This is a modern simple sedan at its best. The Hyundai Elantra includes many features that most people will find extremely appealing. Best of the Best Features 1. 25-35 Combined MPG. That’s a little above average for gas mileage in miles per gallon. That means the Elantra will save you money, as well as time spent at the pump refilling from time to time. 2. 6-Speed Manual with Overdrive. This is a great way to take the Elantra: manual. With a manual transmission, you will be able to pick up quickly and slow down effectively. An automatic transmission is, of course, available on the 2018 Elantra, but taking a manual transmission might just be the way to go. The choice, of course, is yours. 3. Price. At $20,550 starting MSRP, the Elantra comes in below average for a sedan of its caliber. This is the main reason it sells the way it does. The price is right on this machine, compared to many other cars that are well overpriced for their specifications and abilities. This car is priced correctly, if not underpriced, making it [...]

Recommended Service Intervals for Your Hyundai Sonata

September 17th, 2018|

When you first get your Hyundai Sonata, you are probably eager to keep it looking and feeling its best. While you can always get it washed to retain that shiny exterior glow, you also have to be diligent about getting it regularly serviced. Going for factory-recommended service about every 15,000 miles, with a few services in between, will extend your car's longevity and make it attractive to buyers if you choose to sell it in the future. Bringing your car in for these important milestone checks will prevent safety issues and costly repairs down the road. Oil Changes Most cars use synthetic oil, which should be changed about every 5,000 to 7,000 miles. Getting regular oil changes is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do in the realm of Hyundai service. Considering that spending about $60 for oil changes a few times a year offsets thousands of dollars in repairs, you can surely see the advantage! 15,000 Miles When your Hyundai Sonata reaches 15,000 miles it will be due for its first comprehensive service appointment. At this point, your car [...]

Enjoying Your New Hyundai Accent

September 16th, 2018|

Whether you're buying a first car or replacing an older one that's falling apart, there is nothing as exciting as getting a new Hyundai Accent. Getting behind the wheel of a new Hyundai is a very liberating experience, especially if you have access to modern conveniences and luxury amenities that you never had before. From finally taking a road trip to making your daily commutes more bearable - even fun! - here are some things you can do to get maximum enjoyment out of your vehicle. Take a Road Trip In a comfortable, amenity-filled vehicle like the Accent, you'll probably want to stay in the car as long as possible every time you go for a ride. In that case, why not take a road trip? A road trip can be as long, short, and action-packed as you like. Maybe you've always wanted to visit Yellowstone National Park or see the nation's capital. This is your opportunity! Before leaving, bring your Accent to a mechanic to have the tires checked and get the oil changed if it's due for service. If you'll be driving [...]

Why Have Your Hyundai Serviced at a Dealership

September 14th, 2018|

They say that a good mechanic is hard to find. This is increasingly becoming true for a number of reasons. Few shops really fix vehicles any more. When they do repair them, they often charge outrageous prices that may outweigh the incentive to have the repair done altogether. There are really only three major choices when it comes to late-model car repairs: authorized dealerships, national chain shops, and independent garages. Here, we have outlined the many benefits of having your car serviced at a Hyundai dealership. Warranty Protection In order to maintain your factory warranty, you will likely be required to have any service performed by factory trained Hyundai technicians. No matter how reputable an independent shop or national chain repair center may be, they have not received the years of extensive education to repair the unique issues faced by your Hyundai. They are not qualified and do not have access to the Genuine Hyundai Parts that are required to maintain the warranty on your vehicle. Only dealerships are reimbursed by Hyundai for repairs that are covered by warranty. Other repair shops use aftermarket [...]

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