//Hyundai Sonata Superior Interior

Hyundai Sonata Superior Interior

When looking to purchase a new car, it’s very important to take into account the various features that affect its efficiency. For example, being satisfied with the engines, the wheels, and the headlights are all pretty essential elements that can make the difference between a quality car and something not desirable.

Despite this, though, we’ve all been there—you’re at a car dealership and completely enamored with a certain vehicle, only to take it for a spin to find out that the interior is completely undesirable. Whether it’s the seats being uncomfortable, the steering wheel not having a good grip, or even the radio not allowing for an auxiliary cord to be inserted, there are plenty of reasons as to why the interior could ruin the image of a car for certain people.

Because of this, the interior of a car can also be a huge part of the process, sometimes even being just as important as the external benefits and features. This is why when looking at a car you should also be doing research surrounding the interior of the vehicle in order to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for the circumstances.

Thankfully, we’ve taken a look at the 2018 Hyundai Sonata and have done the research for you. In this article we’re going to elaborate more on our thoughts regarding the interior to help you make a well-informed decision about if it’s the right car for you.

That being said, let’s dive right into it:

A Comfortable Touch

The buttons that are included on the inside of this car are a huge improvement for the model. It may seem like a small addition to highlight, but the buttons feel incredibly tactile and made of higher quality plastic. This makes it easier to push buttons on the go, with the feeling being much more intuitive overall. The easier buttons also make the overall interior more accessible to those who might have limited motion or have trouble pushing buttons.

Technology Inside

A huge benefit of this car is the ability to connect to Bluetooth very easily. The pairing system is very simple-to-us and also comes with a USB port so you can charge your devices while on the road. This is all tied together very nicely with a 7-inch touch screen that lets you control all of the various aspects of your car easily.

Impressive Sound

The sound system in this car is also very impressive, allowing you to play a variety of types of music through its six-speaker sound system. This can also be upgraded to a nine-speaker system if you want to, but the six-speaker system is pretty robust on its own. The frequency ranges of the speakers are all pretty balanced, meaning that you can listen to a wide variety of music without having to worry about any parts of the music seeming too shrill or not powerful enough.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Included

As smart phones continue playing larger and larger roles in our lives, it becomes clearer that we should expand the ways that they’re able to help us in our everyday actions. This is why the additions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are welcome additions to this car, allowing users to be able to control their cars with an incredibly convenient method.

The Seats are Luxurious

The absolute most impressive aspect of the Sonata by far is the seats. The interior would be nothing without the intense comfort that can come from these seats, which are cozy and made of high-quality materials. There is both cloth and leather upholstery that keeps the seats in check, making the overall experience of driving more comfortable than it has ever been before. We were truly impressed with the cushions inside the seats, which were incredibly flexible and able to be adjusted pretty easily. Another wonderful feature of this car’s interior is that the materials used for the seats double as the leather for the steering wheel, which makes it an incredibly comfortable grip overall. Plus, the steering wheel itself heats up, making it optimal for those days where you must drive in intimidating, cold conditions.

There are also a good amount of seats in the car, seating 5 passengers and having plenty of room in the trunk to put some luggage in as well. The two front seats are also heated and ventilated, meaning that you can adjust the conditions for your optimal comfort.

We hope this review of the 2018 Hyundai Sonata’s Interior was helpful and that you keep it in mind the next time you’re in the market for a new car!

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