//An Ioniq Review

An Ioniq Review

With it’s good looks and pleasing sound while it’s motoring, the Hyundai Ioniq is gaining momentum in the U.S. market. That’s because driving it is a very pleasant experience. It has good acceleration, handles well, has a roomy comfortable interior with all the latest infotainment and communication technology and an excellent driving range before it needs to be recharged. Its hybrid model was introduced with lots of fanfare in 2017, Hyundai now offers the vehicle in an EV and recently added plug-in hybrid as well. All of them boast a likable driving character, excellent fuel efficiency and affordable price.

Understated Aerodynamic Exterior

The Ioniqs exterior is simple yet stylish and understatedly attractive. Constructed on an eco-vehicle platform, it has aluminum suspension components, hood, liftgate and underbody aero smoothing. Built in a teardrop shapes with a Kamm-back profile, the vehicle has a sloping nose, a shutters-filled trapezoidal grille flanked by swept-back headlights, a slanted back windshield, attractive horizontal accent lines, a squared-off rear end and 16-inch wheels. The plug-in model has LED daytime running lights and a charge port neatly integrated into the left front fender. It an extremely aerodynamic design that has a coefficient of drag that’s an impressive 0.24 and improves fuel economy.

Well-Packaged, Comfortable Interior

The Ioniqs cabin is tastefully designed and well-packaged with satisfying passenger volume. It has wonderfully intuitive controls and displays located on the center of the dashboard. A nice additional touch is the eco-friendly recycled or sustainable materials used to create many of the interior elements. Blue Link telematics allow for climate preconditioning capability and prolong battery life. The seats are heated, wide, roomy and comfortable and even the occupants in the backseat will have lots of leg and shoulder space with the batter pack stowed under the back seat. The hybrid model’s cargo volume totals 26.5 cubic feet while there’s 23.8 cubic feet in the electric and plug-in models.

Excellent Powertrain

A 1.6-liter, 104 horsepower Atkinson-cycle inline-four engine which boasts a 40% thermal efficiency is one part of the powertrain on the Ioniqs hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. It works in tandem with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox that’s lightweight and low friction. Attached to the input of the transmission is an electric motor that works with the computer-controlled clutch to activate the engine based on the vehicle’s speed, load, torque demands and how fast and hard the driver mashes the accelerator. The hybrid also has a 43 horsepower 1.6-kWh battery pack. The Ioniqs PHEV version comes with a 60 horsepower, 8.9-kWh version that uses Level 2 240-volt hardware to get a full charge in a mere 2.5 hours and can power the vehicle for 27 miles by itself.

The Sound Of Power

Another thing owners of mainstream vehicles love and adds to the Ioniqs charm is the sound of the engine revving and the gears changing when they accelerate. It’s the sound of the power under the hood many drivers miss when they’re behind the wheel of the average hybrid. While drivers appreciate the fuel-efficiency and eco-friendliness of the hybrids and EVs, they also enjoy the fact Hyundai has built the plug-in hybrid Ioniq to motor along just like their favorite non-hybrid car once the engine kicks in. For many drivers those sounds make the driving experience better.

Sensible Advanced Technologies

The straightforward interface and gauge cluster on this line of electronic and hybrid Hyundai automobiles is another thing drivers love. It makes it easy to see all the important information you need and select from a few driving-mode choices to get the type of performance you want. Choosing HEV induces the vehicle to use the gasoline engine more and save more of the battery charge. Move the lever to the left and it engages Sport mode. This makes a tachometer appear in the instrument cluster, gives the steering wheel a weightier feel and signals a desire for more use of the gasoline engine. It’s that simple. And Hyundai is continuing to refine calibrations of the ride, steering and hybrid-system.

Great Choices And Add-Ons

Hyundai is offering some very exciting choices with its new, rapidly expanding Ioniq line of fun-to-drive, eco-friendly automobiles. Plus, they either come equipped with or offer as available options, a whole host of excellent safety and convenience features. They include a driver’s seat with additional lumbar support, paddle shifters and LED brake lights. Available safety features include adaptive cruise control, automated emergency braking, lane keeping assist, blind-spot monitoring as well as rear cross-traffic alert.

Good, Green And Affordable

Want an affordable, efficient, eco-friendly vehicle, with great performance, attractive EPA ratings, EV, hybrid and plug-in hybrid models and excellent fuel economy, yet looks and feels just like it’s a normal car? Check out the Hyundai Ioniqs line-up. With its starting price of $23,085, everyone can afford to go green.

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