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Glendora Hyundai: Podcast Episode 1

Amy 00:15
[music] Hello. This is Amy from Think Creative, here today to talk about the awesome store Glendora Hyundai. I’m here with Matt and Matt does a lot of work with Glendora Hyundai’s website. He’s excited to talk to us about the store today and about car buying and all the things that go along with it. So hi, Matt.
Matt 00:35
Amy 00:36
How are you doing?
Matt 00:37
I’m good. I feel great.
Amy 00:39
That’s good. Well, glad to hear it. So, Matt, let’s talk about Glendora Hyundai [laughter].
Matt 00:45
Let’s do this.
Amy 00:46
All right. Glendora Hyundai is part of the Martin Automotive Group. And the Martin Automotive Group is an automotive group that actually spans three states and has a number of different stores, 10. And Glendora Hyundai is one of them, one of the southern California stores. So what do you think– with your work with MAG and Glendora Hyundai, what do you think it means for this store to be part of MAG and under that umbrella?
Matt 01:15
I’ll be honest, I’ll just pretty much regurgitate what I’ve heard from several employees, not just one. I’ve heard this from everybody. They all talk about how wonderful Mr. Martin is, being part of Mr. Martin’s family. They always have this sense of– they actually say a home type of feel. No matter what store you’re in, no matter what state you’re in. Like you mentioned, there are several stores under the umbrella. They’ve got stores in California, in Arizona, and New Mexico, and they all, across the board, have talked about just how great it is to deal with a family like Mr. Martin’s. There’s a lot of just sincerity. I’ve never heard one bad thing, honestly, about that. Everyone actually gets excited about being under that umbrella. And not only just for the dealership that they’re at, but it’s also just for customers. They just have this type of feeling that spills over to all of their customers. And being able to visit Glendora Hyundai, once in a while, you actually do see it. You witness that as soon as you walk in. And that’s really how it’s been, consistently.
Amy 02:41
That’s great. So yeah, one of the things that I’ve really observed from Mr. Martin is just a real commitment to treating the customer right. Would you agree with that?
Matt 02:52
Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Mr. Martin is one of those people, and he’s been one of those guys that actually suited and booted. He’s there with his suit on and everything. But if he’s at the dealership at time, he actually greets. Not just his employees, but he’ll be greeting all the customers there. There’s stories about how Mr. Martin, himself, actually vacuumed and cleaned up some of the areas in the dealerships that he’s been in. He does this just because they need to be done. So he’s not the type to just– is trying to tell somebody to– or micromanages somebody and tells somebody to, “Hey, go clean this spot.” He’s not that dude. He’s really someone that takes care of everything like it’s his own, which is a little unheard of. You would think with successful businesses and dealerships and companies like the ones that we’re talking about, he doesn’t have to do those things, but he does it with a smile. It’s kind of cool.
Amy 03:58
That’s incredible, yeah. And that really does build that atmosphere that you talked about. So Glendora Hyundai is a car dealership, which means they sell cars [laughter]. What do you think about fall sales events coming up? Do you think this a good time for consumers to be thinking about getting a car or–?
Matt 04:19
Yeah. This is one of the best times. I mean, any time– obviously, you get that big Labor Day sale that happens, but then after that Labor Day sale, you got to remember that now the dealerships are looking towards 2019. So Glendora Hyundai is no different. Obviously, they don’t really want to be stuck with any 2018 models. So they’re out there, and they’re working just good deals for consumers, for customers. So now is one of those times where you can go into a dealership and just be unafraid. Just answer– or just ask any questions that you have about any particular vehicle. Obviously, you don’t want to over do it. You want to stay within your means and things like that, but right now, you could really get some phenomenal deals. And it’s only going to get better as the new year approaches.
Amy 05:14
Makes sense. So you guys heard that here first [laughter]. So what should a buyer do– and they’re thinking, “Okay, I’m going to go in. I’m going to take Matt’s advice. I’m going to go in and look for a car.” Is there any preparation that they should make before they head in?
Matt 05:30
Yeah. I mean, you could– one of the simple things that you can do is just you could hop on your phone or your computer and just do a Google search, just look at different models. I mean, why not just start at the website? Go to glendorahyundai.com, look around at some of the featured vehicles there. You can see what’s actually on the lot right now. Just check out their new inventory, their pre-owned inventory, and just look for what it is that you want. And what’s really cool about the website is that you can actually schedule– let’s say you’ve found a vehicle you like, you can schedule a test drive right from there. They have things as far as an e-price. So once you log in this e-price, you’re locked in, so that way once you actually get to the dealership, you’ll be able say, “Hey, I locked this in. Here’s my information.” They see the quote that was on the website and so that’s what you’re working with. So you don’t have to go there and get stuck with any surprises or anything like that. You know exactly what to expect, pretty much.
Amy 06:44
That’s incredible. Good. Good. So do you think that– what kind of preparations should a buyer make when they are thinking about finance, like financing a vehicle or paying for it?
Matt 06:56
Yeah. Well, I mean, also all this stuff is obviously going to be different for each person looking for a vehicle because we’re all in different situations. So you just got to make sure that you’re focused on you. As someone looking for a vehicle, am I truly in the market and how much am I going to be able to afford? So let’s not go in there with a false– let’s just have the correct expectations. If I’m looking at a Hyundai Elantra, it might start around, I don’t know, 25, let’s stay there. Let’s not move up and try to get something that’s 35 or 45. Let’s stay within our means. And it’s just going to allow us to live comfortably. The good thing about Hyundai right now is that they’ve put so much– they’ve invested so much time, so much money, so much– what’s the word I’m looking for? They’ve actually tried to create as much as they can for new technology as far as fuel efficient vehicles, safety vehicles, electronic vehicles, hybrids, things like that. All that stuff is coming down the pipe. And they’ve actually already done a lot, but there’s just more coming. And so Hyundai’s one of those brands that is, really, throughout the years, you just see them getting better and better and better. And Hyundai right now is one of those cars, it’s just– it’s one of those brands where you can’t go wrong, honestly.
Amy 08:38
So no matter which Hyundai vehicle you select, you’re going to win.
Matt 08:41
You’re going to win, yeah. Absolutely. And you can always expect it to be safe. All their vehicles are getting graded at a high rate for safety. So they’re never failing any of the safety crash tests or anything like that. They’re all passing wonderfully, doing very well with that. The interior is something that a lot of people are starting to really fall in love with. The dash, the infotainment centers, all that stuff, man, I’m telling you. Have you test drove one recently?
Amy 09:14
I did drive one recently.
Matt 09:16
And how’d you like it?
Amy 09:16
It was nice.
Matt 09:17
Well, yeah, I’m saying.
Amy 09:18
Yeah, I enjoyed it. Yeah.
Matt 09:20
Yeah, that’s how they all are.
Amy 09:21
Testimony right here [laughter]. All right. So a buyer should be pre-approved before coming to the dealership, you think?
Matt 09:31
I mean, it’s not something that’s necessary. You don’t have to, but, I mean, why not? You know what I mean? You can go in there, save some time. And everyone hates the amount of time that it takes to go through this whole car buying process. That’s just point blank, period. So if you go in there and you’re already approved for an X amount, then it kind of just let’s you know, I’m going to stay within these means because this is what I was pre-approved for. So they’ll work with you. And the good thing about the dealer is– as much as people might have this little stigma or this little thing about going to a dealership, how they always feel they’re getting hustled, times have changed, man, it’s not like that, especially with Glendora Hyundai. And that’s just being honest with you because I’ve witnessed this. Where someone will come in pre-approved for X amount of dollars and that X amount of interest, right? But there might be an instance where the dealer can actually do better than that. And if they can do better than that they will, believe me. So you go in there– that’s just an extra tool for me. Not only is it going to take less time because you already know where you stand financially and how much you can afford, but if they can knock this interest rate down, then boom. You just can’t lose.
Amy 10:52
I like it. I like it. Good advice. So let’s say a customer has picked the Hyundai that they want according to your advice, staying within the price range they’re looking for, but they kind of want to figure out how Hyundai’s comparing to other brands that are similar, like the direct competitors. How can they kind of really dig into that and really make an informed decision for themselves?
Matt 11:26
Well, there’s all kinds of different sites that you can find online. There’s the Car and Drivers; there’s the edmunds.com; there’s Kelley Blue Books, even. And there’s also a bunch of different blog posts that will come from– not just the brands that I just mentioned earlier but even on the dealer website. So I would definitely just take some time to read those things. And it really puts things into perspective because it’s not just coming from a sales point of view like, “We really want you to buy this car.” But it’s just giving you the knowledge: here’s how this car stacks in the safety test, here’s how this car stacks up in fuel efficiency, here’s how this car stacks up as far as durability. All types of things to look into, and people should be taking these things into consideration. So just do yourself a favor, just do some research. I mean, it doesn’t take long. We all have a cellphone; we can all hop online at any time. Before bed or something, while you’re in bed, just go ahead, check out a few articles and find out if this is the right vehicle for you, for your family. You just want to be protecting: protecting yourself, protecting your family, and protecting your finances, not just safety.
Amy 12:50
Sounds like good advice, definitely. So you have any other just tips you would want to offer to someone when they’re looking to buy a car, like anything fun [laughter]?
Matt 13:00
Yeah. Don’t be afraid to test drive them, man. That’s where you really can– you start to see yourself. You really want to get the feel of the car. You can look in all the mirrors. You can turn up the stereo and just be you. I know it might be a little bit weird because you have– this sales person is sitting passenger with you or something and they might be directing you on which way to go, but, I mean, it’s going to be your car so you want to make sure that you can love the ride, you can enjoy yourself every time you have to drive somewhere. Is it quiet enough for you? How does it feel with the sunroof down? Can you see yourself having this car everyday, parked in your driveway? Can you see yourself loving the way it feels to leave work in this car, to go on a long trip in this car? Just envision yourself. So I don’t go in there– if I can, if my finances approve it, I guess, I will definitely try out more than one car. Why not?
Amy 14:08
I like it. I like it. Good advice. Okay. So you had mentioned before, you had recommended the blog. The blogs in general to read. Anything coming up good on Glendora Hyundai’s blog?
Matt 14:26
Of course. There’s all types of articles that you can find on there, things that will talk about what’s coming up, maybe, in 2019, what were the best features of 2018. There’s blogs on there that have to deal with model specific, the different trims of that model. Talk about anything, from the fuel efficient SUVs that they have, like the Kona, something like that. We’ll let you know about what Hyundai is doing with the money that it has and how it’s investing in doing research for safety, for fuel efficiency, things like that. We give you all the– we give you all the break downs, man. So, really, you can get pretty educated just by checking out these blogs.
Amy 15:15
Excellent. Good advice. Thanks.
Matt 15:17
No worries.
Amy 15:18
All right. So any last words [laughter]?
Matt 15:21
That’s all I got. If you got anything else, check out glendorahyundai.com. You can find all the information that you need there. Again, don’t be afraid to check out the blog posts. And if you want to hear from someone at the dealership, there is a live chat, a live help option there. It’s actual real people there. So don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have.
Amy 15:46
Great. Thank you, Matt.
Matt 15:47
No worries. Thank you. Have a good one.

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